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Austria’s Neutrality in the Wake of the Ukrainian Conflict

By M M. Elghusein, J.D.

Austria’s strength lies in its permanent neutrality which it should leverage to defuse tensions and conflicts through dialogue and negotiation. The stance and language of the Nehammer government are threatening Austria’s neutrality.


Making Human Dignity Central to International Law

Defending a moral conception or international law poses a significant challenge.

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Are We Endowed With Natural Rights?

Are we endowed with Natural Rights from the day we are born?

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Equitable Apportionment and Groundwater in Israel and the West Bank

In arid Israel and the West Bank, water resources are a precious commodity.


The Future of Coal: Is the Modern Regulatory Regime a Taking?

A critical feature of the Industrial Revolution was the shift toward energy-dense coal.

International Law

BDSM Torture Porn and the Law

Before following the masses and engaging in BDSM acts, it may be wise to consider the fact that one can be prosecuted and sentenced to prison if someone is injured

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