About Us

The New Jurist is an international law magazine based in Austria.

We are an independent, non-partisan, online-based publication that publishes informative, insightful, balanced, and well-researched articles, essays, opinions, and commentaries on a wide range of legal, social, cultural and economic topics.

Our aim is to disseminate legal knowledge and foster legal research and study.

Very truly yours,

Dr. M.M. Elghusein, J.D.
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


Dr. M.M. Elghusein, J.D., Editor-in-Chief

Holly Newton-Steele, Associate Editor

Marissa Kardon Weber, Associate Editor

Helen Clark, BA, MA, Associate Editor: Women, Family, and Social Policy

Hal Brinton, Associate Editor

Fraser J. Matcham, Associate Editor

Yi Li Alyssa Tjioe , Associate Editor: Book Reviews

Chris Middlehurst, BA, Film Review Writer

Mamun Elghusein, MBA, Associate Editor

Lina Turjmann, Associate Editor

Our Story

The New Jurist was founded in July 2007, by its current editor-in-chief, Dr. M.M. Elghusein, J.D. an Austrian jurist, university lecturer, translator, and intellectual.


Joseph Kaifala, Charles B. Parselle, Frank Richardson, Yoav J. Tenembaum, Ben Darlow, David Lowe, Braden Johnson, Nicolai Due-Gundersen, Jacob Stein, James, Garner, Paul Stanton Kibel, Gabriel Eckstein, Alba Morales, Charles B. Larson, David Osborne, Jonathan, Andrews, John Wadham, Roy Lee, Rosalee Dorfman, Daniel Raventos, Julie Wark, Nico A. Pingaro, Jonathan Andrews, Aaron Lim, Christian Weaver, Ruairidh Morrison, Heledd Wyn, Andrew Wallis, Elliot Sperber, Michael Kabai, Barbara Prammer, Sigfried Nasko, Charles S. Weinblatt, Pete Dolack, David J. Strachman, Pierre Ciric, W.T. Whitney Jr., Michael P. Richter, Matthew McManus, Andrew Amos, Edward J. Martin, Laura Finley, Ziyad Hayatli, Martin Plowman, Leonie Campbell-King, Sushant Chandra, Tim Symonds, Kofi A. Annan, Emmanuelle Ries, Laila Mickelwait.

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